Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Peek-a-Boo Audrey

Hi there and welcome to the new year blog.

Way back in November I mentioned how I was sewing for Christmas. Shortly thereafter I dropped off the blogosphere because as it was tricky finding time to sew when the kids weren't paying attention getting modelled or even decent photos was impossible and really every good post needs pictures. Right?

And so I return now that gifts have been received and I have taken some pictures.

I will start with the audrey cross over party dress from Peek-a-Boo patterns. (There are a few of these patterns used for Christmas gifts and even more patterns I did not get made in time - thank you black friday sales!)

This pattern is sized from 3months to 12 and also includes a pattern for an 18" doll. Perfect for a parent of two girls who may happen to have the appropriate sized doll as well.

The first version I made for the Little Miss in size 6 out of 1m of fabric!

Prior to purchasing the pattern I took the girls shopping and asked them to pick out something they liked. I bought 1 metre thinking of a skirt or a straight a line dress. After buying the fabric Little Miss selected I knew I had to use it. In order to fit this pattern onto my 1m I had to be a little creative and cut the skirt part off grain. I don't think it matters for this dress too much.

I made the binding for this dress using a fat quarter of a pink blender fabric. I have lined the bodice with a light pink cotton lawn - I mention this so you know the bodice is lined. I have not got internal pics. The Little Miss loves it!

The Big Miss had no chance of her fabric being used for this pattern. I made her a size 8 which the pattern says requires 1.5yards which is around 140cm. I found 1.5m of this purple fabric in the stash. I cut the bodice out and then used the remaining length of the fabric cut in half for the skirt. This may have resulted in a slightly longer than the pattern dress, but for the Big Miss extra length is needed.


The binding for this dress was another fat quarter from the stash and I must admit that the Big Man of the house did not like the combo when initially shown. I ignored him. sometimes this works out well and this was one of those times as the Big Miss loves this dress. She has worn it at least 3 times since Christmas. 

If you look really closely in the photo of the back you can see that I have used a snap for the closure rather than the suggested button. This was because the Little Miss' dress had a slight mishap with the binding which resulted in the need for a loop button hole to be created for the closure. This may or may not have been completed yet...

But as you can see these dresses are perfect for the little girl who wants to party or for the girls who want to search for raspberries in the garden.

Be back soon with more!

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