Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Sister Outfit

Hi there Blog readers.
Well after looking through a few of my EB sewing friends blogs I saw a Big brother/ Big sister outfit on one of them - Andrea's??
And I was inspired to make an outfit for a friend from Playgroup's daughter.
I made a stencil using freezer paper and then used fabric paint on it.
On the back I have created a little graphic of a big sister with her little sister.
Welcome back Sewjo!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Back

After a long gap between posts I am back! Now that I have hopefully figured out how to reduce these photos (pregnancy brain is a killer!) I aim to post weekly in order to return to the blog ring.

Below is an outfit I made for a mother's group friend's little boy. The colours are terrible in this photo but as I have already given the mother the outfit I cannot take a better shot.

Here is an outfit I made for my daughter for summer. I got half a metre of the floral at Spotlight for a couple of dollars. So cute and the price is right!

Above is a quilt designed by my mother and me for her cousin. My mother did all the sewing I just dyed the fabrics used for the squares with the butterflies. But I will take some credit! Hopefully my aunt's can see this now.
Hope to photo some more things soon to update again.