Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Norah Tunic

Recently Hayley the blogger responsible for Welcome to the Mouse House released her very first pattern, the Norah dress and Tunic pattern I loved the shape and the cute collar. How could I go wrong? Look at the photo montage! Collar, no collar, colour blocked, sleeves, no sleeves - endless possibilities I thought. 

So I caved. I bought it. And there began my tale of woe...

The day I bought this pattern was unlike others as Dear Partner was home. The Little Man seemed sick and all hands on deck to get others where they needed to be. I thought, I need something to look forward to. I will buy those patterns I was looking at..

Click, click. Bought 2. (other pattern to be discussed later - you may be able to guess why as you read on) 

Damn. Printer is not working. 

Aha! I know I will print them out at Officeworks when I pick up the Little Miss - No drama.

tick tock - The Little Man decides he is actually quite well and perks up after some food (finally!) and a restorative watching of the Wizard of OZ. 

Dear Partner decides to help by picking up the Little Miss himself. I asked him to print for me. No worries says he.

Upon his return I was presented with my patterns. Greedily I snatched them up, collected the cutting blade, ruler and tape required for PDF pattern assembly sat down at the table to start...

and realised....

HE HAD PRINTED THEM DOUBLE SIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG. Now anyone familiar with the Jigsaw PDF pattern model realises that this is certainly not ideal. However on close evaluation I decided that this pattern, The Norah was useable. Just so you know, it is possible to put the pieces of the tunic/dress pattern together while only missing one page that happens to fall on the mid-line of the pattern. Success! 

Let's not go into the collar pieces now though shall we? 

And so I present my Norah tunic in size 8. Sleeveless, Collarless, Embellishment-less - for now. [I have plans for at least a bow and a flower which I will attach to the top with snaps. Interchangeable and hopefully easier care - remove for washing.]

And then the back. Look at my button loop! Can you see the top stitching?

Wait, this is clearer. 

Of the three photos the last is the most accurate colour on my monitor. I am a terrible photographer and having to take pictures when children are not around as discussed here results in night time or at best dusk photos. Neither of which is ideal. 

But I think you get the idea.

This is a great pattern. I already have the next one cut out, a dress with collar maybe? I can barely wait for Christmas now. A huge photo shoot so I can get modelled shots of everything in daylight. So much to show..

See you next time

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