Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Top Secret Stitching in a house with three kids..

So I have found difficulty with keeping up with the blog again. Not the sewing part because I am sewing up a storm! But because of the nature of the sewing I have been working on. The Top Secret kind. You know for the big gift giving event in December. ssshhh!

It is very challenging to try and create gift items when potential recipients are around all the time...snooping...prying...looking...asking.

The real issue is that they know I like to make them new clothes/toys/accessories/whatever for Christmas. This year I foolishly told them it would be a "Handmade Christmas" - what was I thinking? The older two are aware that it is getting closer to the date.

Big Miss should be easy as she goes to school. So I can create things without her knowledge while she is there. Except that Little Miss reports on what she has seen. Little Miss also decides things she likes are for her. (An issue as they both wear basically the same size. Big Miss just needs length added to everything.) So everything I make is known and already claimed.

Little Miss goes to Kinder 3 times a week so there is some time without her. However upon her return she searches to see what I have done.
"What's this Mummy?" 

"Who is this for Mummy?" 

"Can I have a dress made out of that new material that is not well hidden Mummy?" 


The Little Man is perfect. OBLIVIOUS to everything. Can sew things for him with him on the other side of the table and he will not even think about what I am doing....UNTIL....Dear Partner when asked what he thinks of a particularly tricky bit which looks a bit dodgy decides to call the Little Man over for a fitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I do it better?

Last year I participated in a large number of swaps around this time, so I could say (and not always fibbing) that I was making things for a swap. That worked well. Not sure two years in a row would work. Also they are more aware now of parcel deliveries.

"Where are our swap parcels Mummy?"

Surely other people make things for their kids? How do they do it?

So sewing is an achievement. Pictures are an epic monumental feat!

Though I am participating in a Sew-a-long for a dress for me in November. Perhaps more pics? I cannot make any promises.

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