Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Holiday Fun!

What to do on a cold windy (and rainy in the afternoon) day in the September school holidays with three little people who just want to do something?

Grab the sewing machine, some fabric and a pre-purchased kit of ooshka babushka and two additional face panels, (one for ooshka and one for super ooshka ) and get sewing!

First up they all picked fabrics. I had to step back and just let them go after giving them the choice of two main colours and the appropriate fabric drawers to choose from.

I did all the cutting due to recent hairdressing and paper confetti experiences. Why is it they will cut up paper into miniscule pieces right until you want them to? Ask them to cut up paper for the compost (broken shredder again!) and they will do it for 30 seconds... I digress.

The Little man was up first. He was great helping sewing all the straight seams but the bobbing head while trying to applique on the face panel was nearly my undoing.

Big Miss went next and after a quick re-cut of the middle front panel (we had attached the applique fairy so she would be upside down. Note to self: focus on one at a time..) she sewed all straight seams independently. She decided that I should do the applique and sewing around the body though.

Little Miss had very definite ideas of her Ooshka and was keen to do as much sewing by herself as possible. Unfortunately height was an issue so I was able to control the foot pedal. :)

After sewing it became obvious we had a problem....

Can you guess?

Not enough stuffing! So this is how they finished up today. Will organise more stuffing tomorrow.

What to get for next holidays?

Maybe roxy longsocks? Any other suggestions of things kids could make with lots of straight line sewing? Oh and a cute face panel helps....