Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tween Seasons Coat

For Christmas I tried to sew the girls different patterns. 

The tween seasons coat and the Audrey were the only patterns I made twice. I did this for a couple of reasons. First, sewing two things the same can be dull (I realise this could just be me but why set myself up for failure?)  and second if I created two of everything you can guarantee that at least one item would be completely disliked by one child who would refuse to wear it. 

As it is, a few items I made for the Big Miss have had to be reassigned to the Little Miss one pending a remake in a larger size - in exactly the same fabric thank you! The other was an unloved piece blogged her which was always going to be risky as the Big Miss really prefers skinny fit stretchy tops to anything else. While she will wear woven for dresses, tops are unpredictable. This one was a fail. 

This is the tween seasons coat in size 8. Perfect fit for the Big Miss (Blue) but a bit big on the Little Miss (Green fairies).

Both girls thought they may wear them with leggings in winter (trench-coat dress perhaps?) but I just really enjoyed making these. They took me outside my comfort zone but supported me with great instructions.

This pattern made me;
- add a collar,
- sew buttonholes (I could have used snaps as I usually do but I was challenging myself here),
- cover my own buttons (they looked great but the button under the Big Miss' belt had the cover bit fall off hence the artistic belt placement),
- add patch pockets with flaps
and line the entire thing!


Can you see the little button on the Little Miss' sleeve? I even used buttons on the inside to provide my buttons with extra strength.

Although I am really not sure these will get worn I did learn a lot doing them and I did get to see them on once.

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